The Briarcliff Congregational Church is looking to hire a church treasurer.

Primary Responsibility:  Oversees financial transactions, recording, reporting and management of financial matters of the church under the guidance of the Trustees.

Broader Purpose of Position:

  • To assure that financial assets of BCC are prudently handled and protected in conjunction with Board of Trustees
  • To make certain that day to day financial affairs of the church and governmental filings are handled accurately
  • To provide accurate and up to date financial reports to the Trustees and the Congregation in a timely manner.
  • To assist in decision making and general understanding, and
  • To assure maintenance of such financial records and documentation of BCC real and personal property for future reference

Job Specific Requirements

  • Competency in accounting principles
  • Competency in preparation of financial statements
  • Competency in QuickBooks
  • Competency in Excel
  • Reliable judgment and timely follow-through in financial matters
  • Unquestionable integrity
  • Ability to dedicate 10-20 hours per week to handle these responsibilities

To read the full job description click here.

Please send inquiries or resume’ to

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