Our Mission

Sunday School at The Briarcliff Congregational Church is open to children from pre-K through the 12th grade. Our mission is to teach belief in God, the Eternal Spirit, The Father, and our Lord Jesus Christ. We strive to build our student’s faith, a strong character, and a life guided by the teaching of Jesus Christ.

We help our students through a loving caring environment to build self-esteem, a strong moral compass, and to cope with life’s challenges in a competitive world. Through our outreach programs we teach our children to be kind, caring and to learn they can make a difference in the lives of those in need.

Sunday School Staff

Our school is staffed by a group of dedicated and experienced volunteer teachers who take on the teaching of young people as a privilege and a solemn responsibility. All Sunday School staff are approved volunteers in accordance with our Safe Church policy.

Our dedicated staff creates a warm, nurturing environment where your children will feel safe and learn faith and basic Christian values. We pride ourselves on having a wonderful Sunday School, where we help to build our children’s faith and character. Many young families come to our church because we have such a strong Sunday School program.

How We Teach

The Briarcliff Congregational Church has hands-on, exciting and fun-filled Sunday School classes. We use established curriculum augmented by arts, crafts, music and service projects to feed your children’s natural curiosity and need to explore and learn. Our goal is to use the stories of the Bible to develop in your children’s faith, personal growth, and a love of God leading to a fulfilling Christian life.

We have a strong team of teachers in the classrooms waiting to explore and open a new world for our students. Grades K-5 use a faith formation curriculum which teaches basic Bible lessons. Bible lessons are continued through the 12th grade but starting in the 6th grade the curriculum is expanded to include many contemporary issues. Service projects are also integrated into all age classes in the Sunday School.

Our Sunday School will teach your children kindness, generosity, self-esteem, leadership skills, humility, generosity, loyalty, cooperation, responsibility, forgiveness, self-discipline, and many other important values. It’s truly a special environment based on its loving acceptance of all children.

The kids also love this time with their church friends, having fun while learning important lessons about our Christian faith.

Schedule & Logistics

Our Sunday School runs from September – mid-June. It starts with pre-kindergarten and runs through the high school grades. We meet every Sunday.

Children go to church with their families at 10 AM and are then dismissed to go to Sunday School across the street from the Church in Beebe Hall at approximately 10:15 AM. A team of ushers stop traffic so the group can safely cross the street. We serve a snack and water soon after the kids arrive at their age-appropriate Sunday School class. They learn to say grace together, break bread together, learn and grow in their faith together.

Each child is truly treasured at BCC and treated that way by our minister and all our teachers. Your children will find a loving, nurturing environment where they can grow into fine young adults.

Our slogan is Sunday School Makes a Difference and we work hard to make that true.

For more information on our Sunday School program, including what to do when you first come, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to welcoming you and your children to our church community.