We’re so glad you found us! We invite you to worship with us at BCC.

We know it can be scary to walk into a new church for the first time.  That really is all you have to do, though – walk in! Whatever your reason for attending service – we welcome you to join us in communal worship among a safe and open congregation.

Most people arrive through the tower entrance. If you are in need of an accessible entrance, please use the ramp to the right of the building and follow around to the entrance to the sanctuary.

Upon entering the sanctuary you will be greeted by a member or two who will hand you a bulletin/order of worship. The bulletin will tell you what and when things are happening during worship. Hymns are listed and can be found in the red books located in your pew.

There is no assigned seating at BCC, so feel free to find a spot that is comfortable for you and settle in while the choir finishes rehearsing, the pastor and tech team fuss with the camera and computer, and the deacons figure out which upcoming activities you’ll want to hear about.

When the service/worship begins, just follow along in your bulletin and you should be able to figure out what is happening. The service usually runs about one hour in duration.

Following worship you may wish to continue your visit with a cup of coffee or tea. Fellowship time takes place across the street from the church in Beebe Hall. Follow the crowds of thirsty congregants.

We hope you enjoy your time with us and will return to worship here again in the future.

We are a group of faithful people seeking to learn more about God’s teachings. Every week, we leave Church feeling moved for the better.

“For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”
– Matthew 18:20

Inspired.  Enlightened.  Thoughtful.  Focused.  Connected.  Compassionate.  Joyful.  Loving.  Loved.

It is always the way. Ask anyone in the congregation, and they will tell you they feel better for coming.   The Bible tells us we need each other – that we should gather together and not scatter.

People don’t remain strangers here for very long.  They stay and tend to become members of our faith community very quickly.

There are many reasons people decide to come through our doors.  Whatever the reason, we welcome and appreciate you!

Clearly a seat next to Pastor Farnsworth during this time is highly coveted! 

Children’s Message

About 20 minutes into the service, the Pastor calls the children up to the front of the Sanctuary to join in conversation for the Children’s Message. Kids can go up if they wish but are not required to.  Some may be shy at first, but most eventually want to go up and be part of this special time. The congregation leans in to hear some of the smallest voices weigh in on some big topics. We look forward to this special time with our congregation’s children each week, and the children love it too.

After the Children’s Message, the kids and Sunday School teachers go across the street to the Parish House to for their Sunday School lesson. The Ushers help to ensure they cross the street safely.

More information is provided in the Families with Children section, so you know what to expect in terms of Sunday School and our Nursery.