Circles of Hope at BCC: Artist Statement

Circles of Hope at BCC: Artist Statement

During my sabbatical, I became aware of circles in the art I encountered in Hyannis MA, and throughout England.

A circle is a shape where all points are equidistant from a center point. There is no beginning or end to a circle. They represent infinity, wholeness, holiness, and sacred space.

In asking local artist Jan Aiello to draw circles on the property of BCC, I have summoned a co-conspirator to create sacred spots throughout our church property for people to discover God’s presence in their lives. You are welcome to step in, around, or observe the circles.

All of the circles have an invitation to ENTER.

All of the circles contain an opportunity to explore a spiritual (and sometimes silly) aspect of our relationship with God and one another.

I invite you to continue around the building to discover more Circles of Hope at BCC. This exhibit will remain and change throughout the month of September, so please stop by again to see what is new.

Rev. Todd Farnsworth

ps. If you enjoy these circles, please take a picture with them and tag us on Instagram @briarcliffcongregationalchurch

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